The T700 ultrasound measuring device

Reliable leak testing – economical and fast.

The T700 ultrasound measuring device

The T700 is a highly-sophisticated, high-quality digital measuring device “made in Germany”. It has been designed especially to carry out leak tightness checks on component parts and perform contact-free leak detection tests on compressed air systems.

The T700 ultrasound inspection set can be used to perform quick, efficient, low-cost checks on compressed air systems in order to locate leaks and to check a variety of different components or buildings to test them for leak tightness.

Semi-flexible ultrasound probe

The T700 can be used amongst other things to check containers, ventilation systems, tanks and other insulated component parts for leaks or to carry out final inspections of construction projects. In addition the T700 can be used to detect the cause of energetic deficiencies, for example at fire doors or doors in buildings or window jambs.

The T700’s semi-flexible ultrasound probe makes it especially well-suited to reach remote or hard-to-reach places. It can be easily bent into shape before the inspection is actually carried out, making the inspection not only easier but also more accurate and reliable.

In addition to the fully-functioning autonomous base unit, there is also an ultrasound transmitter available which can be used to check the leak tightness of buildings or systems which do not work with compressed air like tanks, hatches, valves or sealing components on containers, buildings, climate chambers or other ventilation systems. The transmitter, the T710, has four selectable frequency modulations which emit a signal that passes through even the tiniest of openings.