SL2000 leak detection unit in the MultiMeasure series

  • Benefits in Practice:
  • Audible sound and ultrasonic measurement with one device
  • Simple detection of even the smallest leaks
  • Pinpoint leak detection accuracy due to powerful sound conversion technology
  • Inexpensive leak detection on compressed air lines as well as steam, gas and vacuum systems, boilers, liquid carrying pipes, valves, stopcocks, condensate drains
  • Reliable early detection of damage to friction and roller bearings or other audible signs of wear
  • Numerous probe accessories for the widest variety of tasks
  • Reliable location even in noisy environments due to sound-insulated headphones
  • Easy handling

The SL2000 from the Trotec MultiMeasure Series is a modern, easy to operate ultrasonic detector for fast and inexpensive location of leaks, wear diagnosis and tightness tests.

Numerous possible applications

The SL2000 is an efficient solution for the pinpoint location of even the smallest leaks in compressed air networks, plants systems and concealed pipelines.

Ultrasonic measurements using the SL2000 also enable reliable preventative diagnosis of wear in ball, roller and friction bearings as well as fast, simple testing for leaks in fittings, valves and stopcocks.

Multifunctional device – more advantages

The SL2000 opens up a wide range of uses due to the unique possibility of being able to switch flexibly between audible sound and ultrasound modes.

The backlit display and the sound-insulated headphones make focussed work possible even in poor lighting conditions and in noisy environments.

The sound level is additionally indicated on the LED bar graph and as a digital value on the LCD display.

With a well thought out range of accessories, optimum equipment is available for every task. Curved and directional airborne sound probes, structure-borne or ground-borne sound probes offer optimum sound conversion technology for every application.

In combination with the telescopic rod, which can be extended to 3 metres, even ceilings in factory halls or other places that are difficult to access can be examined easily.